Team Europe represented by Catalonia for First Global 2018 | Cubes
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Hey everyone! Today we will talk about our solution for the parts of the challenge which have cubes involved. The cubes represent the fossil fuels, limited energy. That’s why we have 48 cubes in the field and each cube generates a determined amount of points. However, the unlimited energies like solar or eolic generate points per second.

The way we use to get over with the cubes can be separated in two parts. At first, we have the lowest part of the arm, that is the one which catches the cubes. We have built a chain system which consists on only one motor at the center which moves 8 wheels (4 normal wheels and 4 omnidirectional wheels), and they are grouped together in pairs in order to catch the cubes from different points, so it’s easier to pick them up.

To raise the cubes and leave them in the reactor and combustion plants, we have built the arm which consists on 4 long bars. The arm raises because of two motors and a gear system with axis. And we also have two side sliders to pick the cubes in the right direction.


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